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Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

Floaty Post of the Future~.

November 16th, 2018 (05:01 am)

Here there are useful links to other entries, as they come up. This is also the concrit post - please feel free to tell me what you think of Terebas, her world, my RP, anything related.

Here is Terebas's profile.

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

For Vexen

November 2nd, 2009 (04:09 pm)

Hunting was an instinct. Likewise, seeing patterns, intuiting what would fit into them - though that latter was where she was weakest, where she often needed the most help. Learning to pick out details was like training oneself as a conisseur of scent or taste. When she trusted her instincts it went surprisingly well - the six Heartless had shown her that - but she couldn't be the sole hunter.

Vexen had helped create the hounds. Machines had been built or taught to support, to measure, to eliminate uncertainty.

One of the unused labs in the Sun had been refitted just for their purpose. Two rooms adjoining, one for observation, fronted by a long window. There was little chance she would bring a Heartless home, but it was always possible, and for that reason only two would be in the larger room when the hunt began. Herself, and the Nobody whose heart she hunted.

There was little in that room. More observation equipment, panels for readouts; the center of the room was taken up with what could almost have been abstract art, connecting stalicites and staligimites of crystal, only every bit of it served a purpose.

There were two seats that looked cold and hard but deformed wonderfully under the body to form a comfortable place to lounge. Both had controls for the occupant to signal for help, to call up information, to communicate with each other - this last necessary even though the seats, feet pointing away from each other as they did, were close enough at the heads for the occupants to reach out and touch hands if they chose.

For much of the time, after all, the Nobody would be the only one truly in the room, Terebas's body left breathing and warm and barely-responsive while she was occupied elsewhere. This was why both seats could serve as life-support, why some of the equipment in the room and the next was for that, why there was always someone nearby to serve as a paramedic at need. As of yet, there had never been the need.

One of the seats was for Vexen, and Terebas and the hounds were afield, black-and-pale forms flitting in and out of darkness and light. They knew what they needed was close, and the heartless hounds threaded past Heartless as she waited far above, shielding her heart, waiting for them to give chase to something.

The displays he could call up around his chair would show him views of this, monitoring devices doing their own part. One hung directly over Terebas's head, a few meters above, the restrained glow of her noncorporeal form shifting as she turned, body folded loosely in midair. He could speak to her if he liked, or speak to Kohalia, who watched with sharp if unworried attention.

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

(no subject)

October 29th, 2009 (03:37 am)

Terebas waited until the end of Marulai's shift become coming to seek his advice. It hadn't been too long a wait: enough to process what the three Nobodies had told her, to think, and to do a little research.

They were using chocobos on the island now, for the most part; the birds were considerably smarter than horses, and made better war-mounts, and besides had much less trouble finding paths through and over the rubble and broken streets. And, especially useful, they were far harder to spook. When Terebas rode her white within a stone's throw of the Blight, the bird's crest flattened in distaste, but she otherwise held herself proudly uncowed, while all but the most stoic of horses would have been kicking up a fuss, possibly literally. All the same, Terebas brought her no further, instead dismounting and loosely tying her to a nearby post. She gave the pink-flecked white wing a gentle pat, and then went in search of Marulai.

The city was changing. The streets were clean in this area, rubble hauled off to use in rebuilding barracks, walls, shops, residences. Instead of a kind of camp in the middle of a ruin, it was beginning to look more like a tiny fortified stronghold ... in the middle of a ruin. People had even found that the tiny house-gardens in the area were not as dead as they'd looked; with care the dead plants had been stripped out and added to compost-heaps, and earth coaxed to life. It would be a long time yet before the island could support itself, but it was still moved her to see potted plants and small gardens, even more to see that the few herbs and vegetables grown were healthy. Soldiers walking patrols mentioned seeing more green and more birds on their rounds, rodents, and even a few cats. The animals had been a slight concern until it had become clear how wide a berth they gave the Blight; that matched historical records - it seemed it took something sapient to be foolish enough to go near it willingly.

The Blight itself had not shrunk noticeably, but it no longer advanced, no longer strained so hard against its bounds. It was as though it had lost steam, wavered if not truly weakened. She knew it was still potent - every time they loosened the wards on her the faint burning in her side became as powerful and nauseating as ever, like part of her was necrotic (an idea she very rarely shared) - but she felt that the island was rallying.

And without doubt much of that was due to Marulai. She was no longer someone that most people spoke to easily, if at all, not in a society this conscious of titles and ranks, but she still heard rumours, and she still had eyes. Marulai had earned a reputation for his skill and power, earned respect (and some jealousy) for what he had accomplished - and apparently for being so high in her favour, something she understood intellectually but was still occasionally baffled by, but she doubted there was much to be done for that. He'd also earned a small following of besotted women and girls, but she wasn't entirely sure he'd even noticed. She hoped he hadn't, because she wanted to be there when the penny dropped. It was sure to be a realisation worth watching.

She threaded past people, usually before they noticed she was there and could start out of her way and apologise, laying a bet with herself that he was going to be the last one to leave--

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

(no subject)

October 24th, 2009 (03:58 pm)

Having left Larxene to sleep, Terebas made her way outside of the apartment and to the street below before fishing out the not-iPhone that she used in the Nexus. Between it and the other devices networked, it wouldn't be difficult to contact Zexion.

Although ... any of the former Nobodies would have an opinion, she imagined; she didn't know how constructive it would be to ask all of them, but if nothing else it should be informative.

Zexion was the one she contacted first, however, selecting audio-only for her side of the conversation. Let's see if he would answer--

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

(no subject)

October 16th, 2009 (07:20 pm)

It was profoundly fascinating - and a little unsettling - for Terebas to be looking at her new face, especially since she wasn't wearing it yet. The generated body was as deeply-unconscious as a foetus, held suspended by a life-support system within fluid within a clear tube.

She realized that "it looks like a movie" was no longer her immediate, or even her second reaction to such things, and that was also worth some introspection.

She watched the curling hairs float idly around her (clone's, new body's, other body's) forehead; the hair had only been allowed to grow at the last, and it was nothing but a cap, nothing at all compared to the length of the braid that fell down and past her back. Having it grown out via spellwork wouldn't be difficult to arrange.

It was so perfect, this new form. Not in terms of build or features - she was keeping those "imperfections", the eyes that were too close-set, the birthmarks, the irritatingly-fine hair. But there were no scars, no marks of wear. The skin was flawless, apparently poreless, like a baby's. There were already muscular curves, at least, and a minimal, healthy layer of fat; she hadn't even considered taking the time she would need to train this new body into shape. By the same token, it wasn't as pale as genetics called for - she didn't fancy starting out at risk for sunburn and skin cancer. Magic put her at enough risk, after all.

To either side of the tube, screens that had flashed on at her approach scrolled on one side repeating status information and on the other the list of changes, of functions and features. From the simulation, it would be like wearing communications gear and the rest on the inside, and fully able to be toggled on and off so that she could see the world in a fully organic, human way if she so pleased.

A cool, comforting presence behind her right shoulder announced Kohalia; a shift in her stance was invitation enough for the other to come close, tentacles creeping around her waist in a gentle, brief hug; a slender hand pressed briefly to the back of her shoulder as well. Then she pulled away, coiling on herself.

Terebas turned her head and smiled, and they began.

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

RP: For Kurt~. THNMY.

September 19th, 2009 (02:39 pm)

Terebas was lucky enough, while walking away from the charming young man with the roses, not to look at anyone. She was busy looking at the flowers, and observant enough that she could move through the crowd without needing to focus on people.

That kept the LOLs, which she suspected (it was the Nexus, LOL) but didn't recognize, unspent on the roses.

As she headed toward the house, she found the path had altered a bit today, and there was a staircase - which had been damaged earlier. Maybe someone had broken it here, maybe it had arrived that way. Either way, she could make it down, even in a skirt, but with one hand holding her skirt and the heel of the other braced against the heavy railing while she navigated one part where the stairs were mostly gone, only her fingers were holding the roses.

And not tightly enough, since one slipped free and fell to the ground below. Oops~. She'd just hurry down the rest of the stairs to retrieve it--

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

RP: Nexus

September 12th, 2009 (10:08 pm)

Late afternoon, sleepy and quiet, the Nexus so like Earth (or Gaia, or Keyes) in this area that one could almost forget where one was. Warm light slanted in long beams past trees and buildings, to where Terebas and Cloud had taken a blanket to spread out under a tree near the edge of the clearing. She sat against the tree, braid draped over her shoulder and skirt draped over the blanket, shoes off and set neatly aside. Cloud lay half-off the blanket, head in her lap and fingers laced over his midsection.

She carded her fingers through his hair as they spoke in low tones, drifting toward her upcoming procedure. So little time left now, so little preparation remaining....

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

Reference - Timeline (Year 3)

July 14th, 2009 (02:04 am)

Year 3 = Matera/Earth 2006 = Gaia 1992
[T/V/Seph 25-16, Cloud 15-16, Zack 18-19]


The Rook strikes Keyes, bringing with it monsters as well as raiders and adventurers trying to loot or claim the island. Some turn to Keyes instead.

T, returning from Kesh with some of the others, is driven into a battle by a storm, and their ship crashes on Eidol, the Rook's island. The group is soon separated.

Terebas finds her way to the Rook's core early on and binds to the Rook, which nearly kills her. As she recovers, skirmishes go on outside, eventually bringing the island's resident dragon, Voruugoren, into play.

T also finds Thalnshavir, whose abilities help save both her sanity and her life.

As the chaos eases a little, T meets Voruugoren, who opts to allow her to live for now until he learns how well she treats "his" island.

On Kesh, Idris Vartanian, son of the Lord of Kesh, disappears amidst a flurry of rumours of scandal and violence.

As Terebas struggles to come to terms with all the changes, Kohalia awakens properly, though is not entirely lucid, being an incomplete soul. Thalnshavir's and Kohalia's support are invaluable.

Word of the Rook having found a master has spread quickly, as has the discovery of Thalnshavir. A party from Thaln's order comes to claim the sword, but he declines to leave as his charge/partner needs him and he is well-protected where he is.


Terebas begins visiting the Nexus.

[Going with LJ dates, this happens in August:] The Void Saga - an interuniversal alliance of Decepticons, Autobots (which two groups already have a truce) and assorted others take on a corrupted Rodimus Prime (Void) and his soldiers. It ends well for the good guys. Terebas plays a very minor role.


[Again going with LJ dates] The TF-as-humans adventure - several Transformers are turned into humans. Hijinks follow. Terebas plays a somewhat larger role, thanks to Thaln's telepathy.

[Note: If I recall correctly the Void Saga might have led directly into the human!TFs one.]

After the end of these adventures, Terebas meets Galvatron on Earth. The two have a very interesting conversation. At this point, it is demonstrated that she has the ability to seriously harm a Transformer-type being (with his own energy, at that) if she is so inclined.


Jenova is finally killed. Hojo has managed to be discreet enough that his involvement with her cannot be proved. Monsters continue to attack and breed on Gaia.

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

Reference - Timeline (Year 2)

July 14th, 2009 (01:20 am)

Year 2 = Matera 2005 = Gaia 1991
[T/V/Seph 24-25, Cloud 14-15, Zack 17-18]


Black Tower Quest: a group of people, operating out a huge mobile fortress-island, are stealing magic from people, amongst other things. At some point attacks Keyes. Fairly typical RPG plot follows, with world travel and all. Will go on for some time.

Cloud, not much involved here, makes better friends with Zack, meets Sephiroth. Terebas meets Zack and Sephiroth. Zack finds out about the island, the game, etc. in late spring.


Cloud, Terebas, Zack at least reveal the truth to Sephiroth, who goes to Nibelheim to see for himself. They meet him there. Again, words are exchanged.

Later in summer, Terebas focuses more on the Black Tower, and is herself caught. While the strength of her magic is not very impressive, the tendancies toward darkness and shadow (rare in humans) are, and she is taken for further research. Rescue mission follows shortly after, but is not successful for at least a few weeks.

By now, T has fallen for Sana.


Jenova, awake, takes up her expansion. Hojo, secretly, helps her.

Terebas is rescued, and will take some time to recover from the experience. As she does, her ability to work with magic grows substantially, and she is now aware that there is another being somewhere in her. Host, not reincarnation.


Cloud continues training for SOLDIER while being involved in battles with Jenova's creatures, and making a very good showing. T helps as soon as she's able, discovering how easily she can learn from materia now as she goes. Still, her health, physical and emotional, is relatively fragile.

Terebas de Rosa [userpic]

Reference - Timeline (Year 1)

July 14th, 2009 (12:55 am)

Year 1 = Matera 2004 = Gaia 1990
[Terebas/V/Sephiroth 23-24, Cloud 13-14, Zack 16-17]


Militia training doesn't begin until spring, so T and V and possibly Cloud study in interim, explore island so far as they can. Vincent may be doing the same, when not moving around Gaia.


T and V join militia, Cloud does some training with but will be joining ShinRa - reservist?

Kai arrives on the island and meets T, recognizes her as Anari. Names her Terebas.

Cloud leaves for ShinRa in late spring.


Cloud joins ShinRa. He and Vincent touch base in Midgar as well as on the island.

During summer, a keyward escapes a zombie plague on his homeworld as a cold war between wizards goes hot; at least one party from Keyes goes back with him to rescue as many people as possible. Other groups may be involved here as well. This continues until late summer, when it becomes too dangerous as demons and other creatures join in.

Also during the summer, T (and others?) go to Kesh, meet Sana and possibly the ruling family, the Vartanians, or at least see them, for the first time.

The Rook is confirmed to be heading toward Keyes.

Jared shows up at some point, passing through, but T, as a new Anari, catches his interest.


Zack and Cloud meet in here somewhere, when Zack is sent to talk to ShinRa in Sephiroth's stead? [I think that's what we had going.]

T and V spend time on Gaia, learning about it. Study and exploration continues at home.

Comparatively large number of refugees from a fairly normal Earth on the island now; lots of internal issues arise or threaten to do so.

T has bits of memory surfacing by now that aren't hers, is told that might mean she's a reincarnation of another Anari. Identity unknown at this point.


More of the same on the island.

Sephiroth has been in Wutai the whole year, Zack for part of it. Wutai war ends near the close of the year.

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